Card games with live blackjack casino Betsafe are in demand everywhere. Live blackjack is the number one online casino game in Australia and is in almost the same demand as the slots: the real dealer deals the cards, and the process does not depend on algorithms and artificial intelligence. Visitors to the official site of the legal establishment play against a real person, which significantly increases the level of adrenaline: no extra insurance, no bonus indulgences, only the influence of fortune and your own mental abilities.

live blackjack

How to play blackjack with live dealers

The essence of card entertainment does not change if compared to the standard rules. The only difference is that the game is played against a real person – a professional dealer. Interaction takes place with the help of a video broadcast and control unit: the software immerses you in an atmosphere of excitement.

The goal in the Betsafe live blackjack Australia casino online game with a live dealer is to collect more points than the dealer but within 21. In the other version, you need to allow the host to collect 21 points, while the player himself can not score more. The player who is the first to collect 21 points or has more points than his opponent wins.

Live blackjack is played with a deck or several decks of 52 cards each. The points are distributed as follows:

  • A deuce – 2 points;
  • three – 3 points;
  • four – 4 points;
  • five – 5;
  • six – 6;
  • seven, seven;
  • eight, eight;
  • a nine, nine;
  • ten – 10;
  • Jack/queen/king – 10 points;
  • Ace – 11 or 1.

First, participants make bets: through the control panel, move some of the chips of different denominations to the betting zone on the gaming table. Then the client presses the Deal button. The game begins – everyone is dealt a pair of cards in the open, the dealer – one open, one closed. The players make moves first, if necessary.

Sometimes, if the value of a pair of cards is already 21 points, and the dealer’s open card from a deuce to a nine, the client is immediately assigned a win, and the bet is increased by 1.5 times. If the dealer’s “Point” is also “21”, a draw is declared, and the client simply gets his bet back.

Running a live dealer blackjack Betsafe, guests of the online institution immediately after the hand, the right to double the bet, split pairs of cards, removing the one that is the least to collect 21 points. Also, the visitor can hedge his bet if he is holding an ace. The dealer has no such privileges.

Tips and tricks for playing live blackjack with a real dealer

With any live blackjack real money Betsafe, it is worth preparing. Our experts have put together a range of tips to help you play blackjack with live dealers and win:

  1. Choose tables where bets start at 5% of your deposit. If the minimum amounts at stake are higher, it’s possible that playing at such bets will go quickly and not be satisfying.
  2. Do not play live blackjack Betsafe simultaneously on several hands: it is better to focus on one.
  3. At first, use the tables of the most winning Live Blackjack strategies and tactics. They are as simple as possible, indicating where you can raise the bet and where you should skip a move.
  4. If possible, use the video camera view settings to see what cards the other players got.
  5. Study the rules and nuances of the variety of the game which you are going to join.
  6. Don’t use the safety feature too often: it is difficult to predict the outcome of events with a large number of decks.
  7. A beginner should choose programs that open games with the dealer’s software 17, and the reward is 3 to 2. Simple rules will help you win more.


Advantages of playing blackjack with a real croupier

Newcomers to normal virtual casinos are in no hurry to run the entertainment live. Regulars, on the other hand, have long been determined and know the advantages and disadvantages of blackjack Live online and the differences between the modes.

The advantages of the game:

  • playing against a person rather than a program, which is easier;
  • no random number generator – increases the adrenaline level;
  • you can follow the actions of the players and the dealer with the help of cameras and video recording;
  • The ability to run multiple games at once; 
  • Higher stakes, in some models, there is no limit on the amount at stake.

The only drawback – live blackjack online Betsafe, even in a good casino, is not available in demo mode. But you can practice on simulators or choose to play with a real croupier at the smallest stakes.

Live blackjack at casino Australia is a sought-after section. Hundreds of thousands of players run the entertainment every day in the gambling clubs with good returns from our top. From the most interesting sessions and impressive winnings, customers are separated only by registration and deposit.