One of the reasons Roulette has become such a popular casino game is the variety of bets. The task of the participant is to guess the specific numbers on which the ball may stop. The task doesn’t seem difficult, but the probability that the ball will fall on a certain number is small, so Roulette also allows for different bets.

If you want to learn how to play, there is a live roulette tutorial so that you can really learn how to play Live Roulette. This is one of the best live roulette Betsafe available on Betsafe live roulette Australia, and this is your last chance. Plus, who knows if you won’t win a lot of money with any strategy.

Live Roulette

Live casino roulette versus regular online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular live casino games, where instead of a computer, the ball is spun by a live dealer roulette Betsafe at a real roulette table. The dealer and roulette wheel are streamed online to your computer or mobile device, giving you maximum confidence in the accuracy of the results.

With live casino games, you join the gaming table instead of having to restart the game from the beginning. This means that you may have to wait a little while until the table is full. Most sites allow you to interact with other players as well as the dealer during the game, which provides a more interactive experience.

In our opinion, live casino games are the future of online casinos, as they manage to mimic the real casino experience completely from the comfort of your own home. If you want to try out the best sites offering play live roulette Betsafe, visit our page dedicated to live online roulette Betsafe sites. We list all of the most popular casinos that provide live games and even include bonuses to the live games, so you can enjoy the games with the least amount of risk.

Practice is a great way to learn the rules of the game, and demo roulette is a great way to learn how the game itself works and what to expect from it. We always recommend that you try out a free live demo before you play for money. Playing free live roulette Betsafe gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the important points of the game.

Popular varieties of online Roulette

One of the most beloved features of live Roulette compared to roulette games offered by land-based casinos is the sheer variety. With so many different types of Roulette available online, you definitely won’t have time to get bored. Here are three of the most popular roulette games you’ll encounter on the Internet:

  • European Roulette

European Roulette might be the most common roulette game you’ll come across on the Internet. Almost all live casinos offer at least one version of European Roulette.

The roulette wheel has thirty-seven holes with thirty-six red or black numbers and one green zero. The minimum possible casino advantage for this type of game is 2.7%. It is advisable to read the rules before you start playing, as some sites may use slightly different rules.

  • American Roulette

American Roulette differs from other roulette types in that it has thirty-eight pockets, which is one more than European or French Roulette. And unfortunately, this extra pocket is taken up by the double zero.

American Roulette has two green numbers, 0 and 00. Because the odds ratio is higher in the casino and the costs in the game are the same, this is a disadvantageous type of game. The minimum possible casino advantage in American Roulette is 5.26%, which is almost double that of European Roulette.

  • French Roulette

French Roulette uses the same type of wheel as European Roulette but has a different table and betting options. If you want to see additional betting options, they are included in the roulette betting options mentioned above. The main thing that differentiates French Roulette from European Roulette and gives it the least advantage in the casino is the rules of la partage and en prison.

These uncomplicated rules mean that if the ball falls on the zero with an outside bet, it does not mean that you have lost your bet. La partage gives you back half of your bet, and en prison allows you to bet again on the next spin. These rules make French Roulette the most convenient for players and give it only a 1.35% casino advantage.

Live Roulette betsafe

Roulette tournaments

Online roulette tournaments are very rare, but sometimes you can find them on large online casino sites. This tournament gives you a new way to play Live Roulette: instead of playing against the dealer, you’ll try to beat the other players in the tournament.

Roulette tournaments are very simple. You will take part in a tournament in which you will be given a certain number of chips to bet. You then play with another group of players at the same table; your task is to stay at the table longer than the others.

Each time you beat all the players at a table, you continue on your way to the final table. Most live casinos offer a lot of different prizes for the winners of these tournaments.