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Modern players are very lucky compared to the gamblers of past times – they have a unique opportunity to play online roulette anywhere and anytime. You can choose whether to play roulette with virtual money or real money. Each form of roulette has its pros and cons. Moreover, in some cases, they complement each other quite well. Beginners are better to start playing roulette Betsafe for free. So they will prevent serious expenses in the future due to poor knowledge of the rules, lack of experience and the use of bad strategies that work in specific cases. Well trained and acquainted with all the nuances, you can go to the paid format of the game. Exact time interval after which the player should start making bets for real money, it is impossible to call, because everything is strictly individual. Rely on your own feelings.

Demo version

  • The absolute identity of the game mechanics similar to the paid mode;
  • The absence of any financial losses;
  • Free and unlimited time to study the rules and features of the game in practice;
  • Ideal conditions for the development of gaming strategies;
  • No need for registration on the site.

For real money

  • The opportunity to win a lot of money;
  • Unforgettable experience associated with risk;
  • The development of the player such a skill as concentration;
  • A pleasant atmosphere in the case of the game in a land-based institution;
  • a completely new experience in the case of the first game at an online casino.

Best online roulette Betsafe is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. Thousands of people bet on a number, red or black, even or odd, etc. in the hope of guessing the lucky number. The game is wildly popular in land-based and online casinos. This page presents a selection of tiles for gamblers who prefer to play Betsafe roulette free and without registration. Demo versions are accompanied by detailed descriptions of the gameplay, and the list is regularly updated with new releases from well-known providers.

There are several basic varieties of Betsafe roulette review, which have different rules, characteristics of the wheel and the field for placing bets. To enjoy the game and increase the chances of winning, the gambler needs to be aware of the features of different versions:

European – the most common type. The draw takes place according to the classical rules using a wheel with 37 sectors, including zeros. The player can bet on a specific number or combination of numbers and play on equal odds, betting on red or black, more or less, even or odd.

French is the European version with additional rules. When the zeroes fall out, the gambler who bets on equal odds loses only half of the amount. Also on the table there is a special track for placing the so-called verbal bets.

American – gives the casino a greater advantage over the customer because of the extra “double zero” sector on the wheel. Chances of gambler’s luck when playing for money decreases, however online roulette Betsafe with a demo account excludes real financial risks.

In addition to the most popular varieties of gambling entertainment software developers for online casinos often experiment with the genre and offer gamblers variations with an unusual interface and non-traditional rules: 3D, Mini or Zoom, with a missing sector zero or with multiple wheels, etc.

Rules of the game

Roulette is very popular because of its simplicity. The game can be divided into three steps: placing bets, spinning the wheel, getting results.

Placement of bets

To make bets in a land-based institution, you need to exchange your money for chips of different colors, also known as chips (Wheel Chips). At online casinos, chips appear on the screen according to your balance on the site.

The color of the chip depends on its cash value. Most often you can find the following sequence:

  • white – $1;
  • red – $5;
  • Green – $25;
  • Black – $100.

Betting on the playing field can be internal or external. To make an internal bet, put a chip or several chips on sectors from 0 to 36. Outside bets are the sectors on the field that are outside the numbers. Outside bets have a higher chance of winning, but a lower payout if you win. All types of bets can be found in the table.

Spinning the Wheel

The croupier gives the wheel a spin and starts the ball. At this stage, it is still possible to make a bet until the dealer says “Betting is done”. The casino representative usually says this phrase before the spinner makes his last three spins.

Announcement of results

After stopping the spinner, the croupier does the following:

  • Announces the winning number;
  • Putting a marker on the field, which means that you can not bet yet;
  • Removes from the field lost bets;
  • Pays out winnings;
  • Removes the special marker from the field.
  • Now you can bet again. The cycle repeats.

Systems and Strategies

The most popular Betsafe roulette strategie are as follows:

  • Martingale. The system involves betting on equal odds. You should start with the minimum amount. With each loss, the player must increase the bet in two times until he wins. After winning the cycle closes, and it is necessary again to make the minimum bet.
  • D’Alamber. This strategy puts on bets with equal odds (red/black, even/odd). The player must increase the bet after each loss by a certain step, and reduce it when he wins (also a certain step). 
  • Fibonacci. The strategy is based on the well-known Fibonacci sequence, where each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two: 0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. Each time you lose a bet, you should increase your bet according to the next position in the Fibonacci sequence. If you win the bet, you should roll back two positions.

Live roulette Betsafe attracts players with a wide range of bets and different levels of limits for the tables, a low entry threshold into the game and a wide range of risk management. All this combined with elementary rules led to the emergence of a large number of winning strategies, which affects the popularity of entertainment.

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Is it legal to play online roulette?

The unequivocal answer is yes. Online casinos are not banned in the country.

Is it possible to cheat at roulette?

Many newcomers to gambling believe that with the help of special programs they will increase their chances of winning when they play roulette Betsafe. There is a pattern at work here: the easier the way to make money, the easier it is to believe in it. Detractors who allegedly develop software to hack or cheat Betsafe roulette Australia, in fact, earn on the thirst for easy profits from frivolous people.

But just think about one simple thing – if there are ways to leave online roulette fooling the player, then why are there so many online roulette casinos on the internet? Once there, the coveted casino cheat software would immediately lead to the disappearance of this gambling game from online establishments, so don’t believe that the software will give you an advantage in online roulette – it’s cheating.

I feel addicted to the game, what should I do?

Ludomania is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Ludomaniacs, just like those addicted to drugs and alcohol, put not only themselves but also their loved ones in danger. Deprived of proper attention and treatment, gambling addiction can lead to the loss of both finances, jobs and even family. If you begin to realize that you can’t control your bets, check out a specialized gambling addiction support site. There are online groups, support forums, and live chat assistance available. Also on the site you can find information about addiction, a special application for gambling therapy.