There are thousands of slots, and most of them are similar to each other. Games are not always so rare that they can be called unique. But the WMS maker was able to do something completely new and different back in 2011. Their Wizard of Oz game made a real sensation and captivated all fans of this fabulous story.

Let’s see what is special about this slot and whether it is worth looking for it in an online casino and investing money.

Wizard of Oz: profitable to play for real money

To understand whether it is worth spending money on Wizard of Oz online, you need to evaluate the main parameters of the slot that affect earnings. Here is their list:

  • The slot has 5 reels, which means that the symbols can form a long combination and bring a big win;
  • 30 lines, which means there are many options to add up the winning combination;
  • The RTP is 95.99%, which is the average in the gaming industry, but enough to make money;
  • The volatility here is medium, which means that you will come across not only small winnings but also large ones, and at the same time, you will not have to wait long for them;
  • The game has a lot of bonus games and functions, so the probability of hitting at least 1–2 of them is quite high;
  • There is a wild symbol here, and it is known for creating wins for which there are not enough images.

All this makes Wizard of Oz Australia very profitable for the player. Especially if you know how to manage your bankroll and are willing to spend on bets, as testing of the slot in demo mode has shown, you will definitely not be left without a win, as the winnings come across often.

The Wizard of Oz

Risk-free Game Mode in Wizard of Oz

Now we can talk about Wizard of Oz free slot machines. The free play feature will be available to you at any Australian casino. Of course, in this case, you will not earn any money. But you can get other benefits:

  • the demo version is great fun;
  • there is no risk that you will lose money;
  • you can check how often winnings fall out in the slot;
  • you can test your strategy for free;
  • easy to understand the mechanics.

Also, a big plus of the demo version is that you don’t need to top up your account to have fun. In some institutions, this function is available even without registration. Therefore, if you are looking for entertainment, not earnings, if you are interested in the mechanics of slots and want to feel like a gambler – then try Wizard of Oz play in this format.

All Symbols and Payouts

There are really a lot of different characters in the game. And each of them brings some kind of benefit: some are just winning, and some are multipliers and other benefits, such as free spins. Here are the heroes and items that will meet you in the Wizard of Oz slot to bring you simple wins (regular symbols):

  • hourglass;
  • lollipop;
  • picnic basket;
  • Apple;
  • witch;
  • dog Toto;
  • fairy Glinda;
  • friends (all heroes together).

In addition, other symbols that can be called special are waiting for you. They perform different functions, and this makes it even more interesting to play:

  • inscription Jackpot – brings the biggest win of all images;
  • symbol of the game is a Wild symbol that replaces other images that are missing on the line.

When the Wild participates in a combination, the logo explodes, and an emerald city appears in its place. Another group of symbols is special ones for triggering bonus features. These are the main characters of the story:

  • girl Dorothy;
  • scarecrow or monster;
  • Tin Woodman;
  • witch (larger image than among ordinary symbols);
  • cowardly lion;
  • the Wizard of Oz;
  • magic crystal ball.

You can read about what functions they perform and in what cases they are activated in the information that is located in the slot itself.

As you can see, a really large selection of heroes makes the game more diverse. The playing field looks bright and saturated. There are also a lot of bonus features here, so it’s easy to get confused. You will not find such a slot filled with different options anywhere else.


How to play for money in this slot?

First, you need to fund your account in your casino account. Sometimes institutions give a deposit bonus, which can be used in the game without any problems.

How to open the bonus mode in the Wizard of Oz?

It is necessary that the desired combination of certain symbols falls on the field. Also, sometimes the rounds start randomly, bringing different multipliers.

Is there a risk game here?

The developer did not provide such a function. But, looking at all the variety of gameplay in this slot, its presence is not at all necessary.

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